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I had a cartilage damage and knee slippage in my knee, thanks to my teacher, he was very interested, he helped a lot in the whole process, and he still takes care of and helps no matter what the problem is, I'm glad I got to know the teacher, thank you.

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I took Hakkı to my teacher with the suggestion of my friends, he took great care of my 10-year-old twins because the male one is introverted, he gave us a detailed explanation with his interest, he gave us a very nice explanation, although there were other doctors, he gave a short and clear answer, but he is right, thank you for his long narrative efforts.


AR..A (17 AUGUST 2021

I became a doctor in Ankda Prof. But my pain got worse after two months. Hakkı Bey examined it very well and was interested. It solved the problem in my foot. I am very lucky to have met such a humble and explanatory physician. It is clear that he loves his profession.

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