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   Shoulder pains are very abrasive and long-lasting Orthopedic Disorders. Athletes need to be treated completely and completely because of the complaints of being left behind from sports, loss of work and labor for employees, inability to do their job for housewives, as well as severe pain during the day or night.  

     Sometimes the cause of shoulder pain is not the shoulder joint itself. Some other conditions can cause shoulder pain. The most common cause of non-shoulder pain is neck hernia. Although it is not our subject, it can cause shoulder pain in liver pathologies, heart pathologies or other non-orthopedic conditions. Your doctor makes the diagnosis and starts treatment by requesting extra films and MRIs according to your complaints, history of pain and examination findings. 


      Some Shoulder Diseases :_cc781905-5cde-3194_-bb3b-

  • Recurrent Shoulder Dislocations 

  • Shoulder Impingement Syndrome 

  • Rotator Cuff (cuff/ tendon) tears 

  • SLAP lesions 

  • Biceps tendon pathologies 

  • Pathologies Concerning Shoulder Articular Cartilage. 

  • Traumas, fractures. 

  • Others.... 


Recurrent Shoulder Dislocations:  

 If shoulder traumas, usually experienced in youth, result in dislocations, the probability of recurrence of these dislocations is quite high. In our experience, re-dislocation does not occur in 20-30% of our patients, and a second dislocation occurs in 80% of our patients. After the second dislocation occurs, the treatment is inevitably surgical. 


  When deciding on treatment in recurrent shoulder dislocations, the age of the patient, the time of the first dislocation, the total number of shoulder dislocations and the bone formation status in MR/CT are important. That is, if the shoulder is dislocated 2-3 times and the bone structure is not damaged, the recurrence of shoulder dislocation can be avoided with Arthroscopic Bankart Repair surgery. If there is damage to the bone structure as a result of dislocations, open surgery may be required. 


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